Telegram fans are getting a bunch of new features in the latest update, centred mainly around the photo editor but they’ve also added in a feature to let you create animated GIFs from videos.

The option to share GIF animations is offered when you record video in Telegram to share. Record a video, go to the next step and hit mute which then lets you share the video as a looped, auto-playing GIF – cause those are never annoying.

Once you’ve created a GIF you can then send it over and over again as a reaction – sort of like your own emoji or sticker.

The picture editor update is a bit bigger, allowing you to add masks, text, and drawings to your photos. It’s actually the highlight of this update for me, allowing me to annotate pictures, as well as share stupid pics with my son. Adding a mask is pretty simple with fairly straightforward positioning and sizing tools available. Text and drawing is similarly straightforward.

If you like the masks and you’re of a creative persuasion you can also create your own:

Our artists created hundreds of beautiful and fun masks as examples, but everything we do here in Telegram is an open platform. So as of today, anyone can use the /newmasks command for the @stickers bot to upload their own masks.

The last new feature adds in access to trending stickers. You’ll note you now have a blue dot over the stickers button to the right of your text box. That indicates new trending sticker packs are showing. You can see which ones are there and if you like them, add them to your collection and start using them.


The Telegram update is now live in Google Play for your downloading pleasure, if you haven’t already try out the masks feature for yourself.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.
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    Who really cares? No one uses it.

    Daniel Tyson

    100 million active users. Sure.


    I don’t care how much, I only care how many of my contacts. Also, any stats to say 100 million active users?


    I use it all day, as key communication with family and close friends. is good, especially the chrome desktop app. many friends and family signing up regularly.