Google is preparing to make one of its biggest announcements yet in mobility in little over a week, and like last year, we’ll be in the ground in beautiful San Francisco to cover it. This year, we’re sending Duncan Jaffrey along to cover the event, take a look at the new releases and report from the coalface.

He’s going to be busy, with anticipated announcements in phones, software, tablets and more, and the latest rumours about Andromeda (the ChromeOS / Android hybrid we’ve expected for a while) have us very keen to see what Google has been working on.

Google is clearly gearing up for a significant event, and this leaves us wondering whether the Pixel / Pixel XL will be the centrepiece of Google’s announcements, or whether there’s something bigger in the wings that we’re yet to learn about.

Either way, come next Wednesday morning, we’ll all be waking up to some very exciting news.

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I’m actually on leave from work until October 10 so I’m going to be able to watch the live stream in the middle of the night! ?


For the first time ever I’ll be able to watch it live in the morning, I mean really Google, what’s wrong with an afternoon event!


Woo have fun Duncan! Enjoy :). Looking forward to reading all the reports (and hopefully a hands-on?) when I wake up at a reasonable time on Wednesday :P.

Did y’all see the Pixel pic at VentureBeat?


thanks, there will indeed be hands on, wifi and technology allowing.
Seen it, posted it! thanks.