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After launching their service and swipe card reader in Australia in March, Square has today announced that their contactless and chip card reader version is now available to purchase in Australia.

The contactless and chip card reader is slightly more expensive at $59 – the original sells for $19 – but allows sellers to process payments from tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay and chip cards. Square processes transactions through the reader and into the sellers account with a 1.9% transaction fee taken out, not a bad price for a fairly comprehensive solution.


The Square contactless and chip card reader connects to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy, and you will of course need a Square account to use the reader, which is as simple as signing up on Square’s website.

Square’s Australian country manager, Ben Pfisterer said of the launch of the contactless reader

We know NFC is important to Australian businesses, both for providing fast and secure tap-and-go card payments, and future proofing for the next wave of payment innovation like Apple Pay and Android Pay. We’re delivering it in the most accessible, affordable and mobile way, available anywhere in Australia.

For businesses wanting to add a credit option the contactless reader can also be mounted into a dock that can be sat on the counter. The dock is designed perfectly for the contactless card reader and costs an additional $39.

Both the Contactless card reader and the Dock are shipped to you in Australia for free. To get started just sign up for Square payments on their website to get under way.

Source: Square Contactless Card ReaderSquare Dock.