We’ve had leaks, rumours, renders, parts leak and Mr Blurycam images of Googles incoming Nexus phone replacement the Pixel and Pixel XL. Now we have what looks to be the best quality official render of the device yet. What we are apparently seeing here is the smaller of the two devices the Pixel measuring in at 5″.


What can we see here then? The image seems to depict many of the hardware and software rumours we’ve heard over the past few months. We’re seeing Google’s new Launcher incorporating the new slide over google search bar, the rounded app icons and the new style, possible reactive home button. The front panel matches the leaked parts we’ve spotted earlier and overall the phone looks just as we’ve been expecting

The front panel matches the leaked screen we’ve spotted earlier and overall the phone looks just as we’ve been expecting. The image also confirms that the Pixel won’t have front facing speakers, that’s not a deal breaker but it’s a shame.

With Ausdroid covering Google’s launch event live from San Fransisco next Wednesday we’ll be bringing you the news of everything Google announces.

How is the Google Pixel shaping up for you? let us know below?

Source: VentureBeat.
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Tbh this just makes me less into the circular icons; some of them just look strange in the dots. Plus it’s not like it will create a sense of continuity if other apps on the Play Store aren’t forced to convert to dots also. Other than that I do like the slide up app drawer, and the ‘new’ home button with potential added uses. The phone dimensions itself doesn’t excite me so far, especially if those top and bottom bezels didn’t go larger to incorporate front facing speakers. Looking forward to their official words next week though. Still narrowed down… Read more »

Jamie S

Where would you source your Z Play from Adam if it doesn’t officially drop here?


Hopefully Expansys if they stock it; that’s where I got my X Force from late last year.


I wonder if third part apps downloaded from the PlayStore will be set in a white circle in order to get that continuity?


True, perhaps they would/could implement that as part of the Pixel skin itself, that icons get dotted automatically upon installation :/.

Jamie S

For the first time in a long time I’m looking at the smaller 5-inch version for easier one handed use. It will be interesting to see the size comparison between the 5-inch Pixel compared to 5.5-inch phones like the S7 edge.
PS. The 5-incher may be a bit cheaper too


I won’t be surprised if there’s a speaker positioned behind the earpiece in addition to a bottom firing speaker. Not full front facing stereo but typical of recent HTC speakers and in line with the iPhone 7.