In July, Google announced they would be running an Indie Games Festival in San Francisco this month, and today they’ve announced the winners of the event.

There were three winners in all, with a pool of 15 finalists up for prizes which included Tango devices, free tickets for Google I/O 2017, and Google ad campaign support. The winners were announced and are now available on Google Play to download and enjoy on your Android device.


Ten judges in total oversaw the event including an array of luminaries from Google including the Google Play Chief Game Designer Noah Falstein, Google Play Business Development manager Hyunse Chang, as well as industry partners and creators of successful Google Play titles such as Lina Chen, Co-founder & CEO of Nix Hydra the creator of Egg Baby and Egg!, as well as David Edery, CEO of Spry Fox, the studio behind titles such as Triple Town, Alphabear, Steambirds, Bushido Bear, Realm of the Mad God and Road Not Taken.

Developers were encouraged to create titles for virtual reality and augmented reality that used the Google VR SDK and the Tango Tablet Development Kit.


So, without further ado the winners are:

bit bit blocks

Bit Bit Blocks is a cute and action-packed competitive puzzle game. Play with your friends on a single screen, or challenge yourself in single player mode. Head-to-head puzzle play anytime, anywhere!

Get it on Google Play.

Numbo Jumbo

Numbo Jumbo is a casual mobile puzzle number game for iOS and Android. Players group numbers that add together: for example, [3, 5, 8] works because 3+5=8.

Get it today on Google Play.

Orbit – Playing with Gravity

ORBIT puts a gravity simulator at the heart of a puzzle game. Launch planets with a flick of your finger, and try to get them into orbit around black holes. ORBIT also features a sandbox where you can create your own universes, control time, and paint with gravity!

Get it on Google Play.

If you want to check out the rest of the games the games and the links to them on Google Play (if they’re available) are on the Google Events page for the Indie Festival.

Source: Google.