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Fitness brand Under Armour has, after an extended break, launched their range of fitness devices under the Health Box monniker in Australia. The devices from Under Armour are in fact manufactured by HTC, with HTC branding showing on the 3 devices in the Health Box.

HTC launched the Health Box at CES earlier this year, but were coy on naming a date or price for Australian expansion. The Health Box, which consists of the UA Band, UA Scale and UA Heart Rate, covering all your physical fitness tracking needs, while the Under Armour Record app covers the software.

UA Band is designed to be worn all-day, every day. It tracks daily activity, workouts and sleep. All day activity capture allows you to set a daily goal and track progress on the band. UA Band utilizes a seamless exterior shell with a display that is discreetly hidden under an outer layer allowing the technology to disappear when it is not in use. Designed with athletes in mind, the band offers an advanced workout mode with a display that stays on during the workout, as well as an LED that indicates heart rate zone when paired with UA Heart Rate. UA Band comes in black with a red textured underside to allow for moisture wicking.

UA Heart Rate is a compact heart rate monitor with an innovative micro snap technology designed to make it undetectable during workouts. The chest strap and removable sensor helps individuals monitor intensity and train smarter. The UA Heart Rate was created to provide an accurate calculation of calories burned. Combined with the UA Record app, UA Heart Rate allows you to customize your heart rate zones.

UA Scale is a beautifully crafted, Wi-Fi enabled scale with an iconic circular design. The scale utilizes a sheet of glass with advanced conductive paint technology that enables weight and body fat percentage readings. The hidden LED display behind the glass makes technology invisible when not in use. The scale can support up to eight users and syncs with the UA Record app for individuals to view trends with weight as part of their overall dashboard. UA Scale comes in black with a red textured underside.

The Under Armour Health Box sells for $399 as an all-in-one package from the Under Armour website that includes all three devices and free shipping. The price tag is semi-surprising given it went on-sale in the US for $400 in January as well – so though there has been a wait, there’s not real ‘Australia Tax’ on the devices, though in the US it now sells for $350USD. The UA Band is also available as a separate purchase for $165AUD if you just want a fitness band.

If you’re an Under Armour or HTC fan, these may be right up your alley so head over to the UA website and check them out.

Under Armour Record
Under Armour Record
Developer: Under Armour
Price: Free
Source: UA Health BoxUA Band.
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    If anything there’s an Australia discount on it at the moment (AU$450 would be parity), which is surprising as Under Armour are not known for being cheap here.