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[Chime] The train on platform 1 is the express train to Google Station, a new service which is bringing faster WiFi to commuters across the globe starting in India.

Google Station is the newest and latest service in which Google has partnered with RailTel Corporation, which is one of the largest neutral telecom infrastructure providers within India, and Indian Railways, the largest government owned railway within India, to bring Wi-Fi to Indian railway stations.

So far the service has been limited to approximately 100 major railway stations across India and it is expected that the service will eventually expand to just over 300 railway station which will end up having the service available for commuters to use. That said there is no time frame for when the remaining 200 stations will get the service.

Expected speeds for users to use has not been disclosed, however according to 9to5Google, Google says users should be able to “easily stream an HD video, research their destination, or download a new book or game for their journey ahead.”

Google station is currently free, however the company does intend to make it sustainable which really means there will be a cost added at a later date for users to purchase data to use on their smartphone when connected to the Google Station WiFi service.

With this all in mind, Google has also invited other railway companies along with other telecommunications providers to partner with them to help roll out Google Station to more places around the globe.

Expansion of the service is more than likely be aimed at non-Western countries and will match Google’s other efforts to bring connectivity to the rest of the world. I mean come on, there is already free WiFi available through certain places *cough* Sydney Ferries services *cough* and local governments and state governments are beginning trials for such services around transport hubs and community spaces here.

If you would like to find out more or would like to partner with Google, you can head over to the Google Station website to find out more.

Source: Google Station.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.