Lenovo seems to have another 8″ tablet in the works according to their latest filing with the FCC. Due to either an accidental oversight on someone’s behalf or Lenovo not caring, this FCC filing didn’t have the standard temporary confidentiality request attached for the product images or user manuals.

So what do we know? To be honest, not a lot despite all of the open documents being accessible the specs remain a relative mystery. We do know that the Lenovo Tab 3 8 Plus will feature both LTE and WiFi-only models, have a 4250 mAh battery and charge via MicroUSB.

The 8″ Tablet will also have a microSD card slot, front and rear cameras Dolby Atmos for mobile sound with dual (and most likely stereo) speakers and what looks to be an all metal body. From a connectivity point of view, it sports Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz only) and LTE on selected models.

It also looks as if the Tab 3 8 Plus may be being released globally, yes that includes Australia if the warranty section of the user manual is to be believed. It is possible that despite listing pretty much the developed world in their warranty section that a full international roll out won’t happen.

What do you think of the Lenovo Tab 3 8 Plus so far? Let us know below.

Source: FCC.