Parrot may be more commonly known for their great drones, or high-end headphones but they’ve got fingers in a lot of pots, including plant pots with the launch of their new smart pot for pot plants called the Parrot Pot.

The Parrot Pot will launch next month in Black Slate, Red Brick and Porcelain White colour options for $229AUD ($249NZD) which basically means you must REALLY love your pot plant.

The Parrot Pot is a smart pot powered by 4x AA batteries with four sensors built-in monitoring soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity. Data is logged into the Parrot Flower Power app on your phone, offering an option for fully automated management of your plants.


The option for full automation with a 2.2L water reservoir means the pot can water your plant for you (as long as you keep the reservoir topped up), with varying degrees of input from you. You can go fully auto, or varying degrees down to you deciding when to water the plant.

The Flower Power app utilises a database that Parrot has built using their twig-like Flower Power accessory, that has information on over 8,000 plants. The database has been developed with botanists and scientists to get the best results for your plant.

It’s a lot of money to pay for the well being of one plant, but if you’re that much of a black thumb you want to have a live plant then this is probably a great device to use. To check it out you can have a look on the Parrot website.

Source: Parrot.
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    Maybe they’re designed to grow … pot!

    I’ll see myself out.