That’s right, the leaks are starting to get interesting here in Australia with confirmation today that Telstra will be carrying both the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones due to be announced next week.

Our previous leak hinted at only the Pixel XL being stocked by Australia’s largest carrier, however we can now confirm that they will be stocking both the Pixel and Pixel XL. The listing is now showing up in the Telstra system, with options for Quite Black or Very Silver – unfortunately there’s no sign of Really Blue.

Size wise, Telstra will be offering both phones in 32GB and 128GB storage options – at least that is what Telstra’s system is showing. There’s no mention of 64GB options for either phone.


Unfortunately no pricing information has shown up in their system as yet so we’re yet to confirm MRO for either phone. Our previous leak said that Telstra was looking at pushing the Pixel XL on the $95 Go Mobile plan currently includes unlimited standard national calls and text and 8GB of Data.

The plan still seems to be to push the Google phones as premium devices on the Telstra network, so expect a marketing push similar to what we’ve seen with the #MadeByGoogle campaign.

We’re hoping for more information such as pricing to surface as the launch gets closer so stay tuned.

Thanks: Mysterious Stranger.
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watching reviews about the lg g5, everyone says the same thing… without a button at the front, it’d be a pain to always pick up the phone to access the button at the back.

i guess it’d be similar with this. I hope that google adopt a double tap to wake feature.


LG G5 has the double tap to wake feature. You don’t always have to pick up the phone.

Newcastle Guardian

Telstra “Bloatware”????? Telstra interfering with regular updates????? Hmmm


This is key.

If Telstra launches the Pixels with even a shred of bloat, and with even the slightest inkling they’ll be delaying updates, I’ll be buying direct from Google. If I’m paying top dollar I want a top dollar OS update experience. It’s time Google and its users get the same treatment as Apple users.

I’m not compromising on this.

Gray Fox

I got my nexus 5 from HN outright but it used a telstra sim which delayed updates.
IMO Is illegal, it is not a telstra phone so they shouldn’t block it, telstra don’t block apples it’s updates as they either can’t or they trust apple.



Jaime Bricalli

Can’t find any more information on this, anyone actually spoke to someone competent at Telstra?


If Telstra are going to be offering both devices, let’s hope the previous rumours of exclusivity are untrue.


I hope Optus are at least getting the XL as well. I hate exclusivity deals with carriers. I’ve never known anyone to switch networks for a particular phone, they just had to wait longer to buy it outright.


$95 might just make it worth buying on contract instead of our right depending on what Google price it at here in Australia.

Assuming the phone is $999 then that makes a 2 year contract about $53 a month where I’m currently on the $40 Boost plan so it’d be a bit more money for a bit more (standard) data. Tough choice.


impatiently waiting for the outright pricing


Nice work on the leaks guys.

Pixel XL on the Telstra $95 plan with 8gb data is pretty decent. I was worried that would be the pricing for the regular Pixel.

Jamie S

Nice work Telstra and thanks Mysterious Stranger.