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Google is going all out to integrate their services with Calendar and Maps the latest to get into bed with each other. You’ve long been able to add a map location in the ‘Where’ field to a calendar entry, now those events will show up in Google Maps.

The events will show up in a new “Upcoming” tab in Google Maps, which will show the events. To access the Upcoming tab, go to My Places and look for it there. Once you tap on an upcoming location you get navigation information if you need it, you can also bring up a card and select to go to the event in Google Calendar.


Google will also show hotel, flight or restaurant reservations received in Gmail in the Upcoming tab automatically to make it a little easier to access those things.

The blog announcing the Upcoming tab in Maps also points out some handy hints for improving your maps experience like adding ‘Work’ and ‘Home’ places to Maps as well as naming regularly visited places like your gym or daycare.

The update is now live in Google Maps, so fire it up and check it out.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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    Paul Smedley

    Doesn’t appear to work yet for ‘Google Apps’ accounts – I have the upcoming tab, but nothing in it.


    Same for me. Someone on AP mentioned it does work for their Apps/Gsuite account, so maybe they’re rolling the feature out slowly.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    Thats cool but I want the reverse calendar integration! I want to find a place on the maps and than create a calendar event from it easily! Its doable but it could be so much more easy!