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There’s mere days left until Google unveils the new Pixel and Pixel XL at their event in San Francisco, but the leaks are coming fast, this time courtesy of Canadian carrier Bell who’ve accidentally published a pre-order site for the phone which includes a render.

While previous render leaks have been in black, Steve Hemmerstoffer, the man behind @onleaks, has posted a link to the pre-order page and a copy of the Pixel in white/Silver (Very Silver?). There’s unfortunately not much more on the site except the description:

Introducing Pixel™, Phone by Google. Order yours today.

Order the new Pixel, Phone by Google, for your business. Fill out the form below to set up a call with a Bell expert, or call us at1 855 272-0782.

The render in full size is here – and unlike earlier leaks which were blurred, the 4th of October date on the phone screen is crystal clear:

Looks like the Pixel XL is also on the Bell website, the Pixel XL is in black and doesn’t have any further information than the white option. The Pixel XL also has the October 4th date on the screen and the same background:

Here’s the render:

There’s not much time left until we see all the colour options, but this looks pretty great.

Source: Bell Canada (Pixel)Bell Canada (Pixel XL).
Via: @stagueve.
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Just give it!!!

Jamie S

I actually don’t have a big problem with the bottom bezel. After using Samsung devices for some time it will make it much easier to use a device one handed as the on screen buttons will be higher and less hand gymnastics required. I’m looking forward to the smaller version this time…. Can’t wait!

Lee Hall

The front of the phone looks clean and simple, which I like. I’m not sure about the renders I’ve seen of the back though


The chin bezel is huge and for no reason. No speaker or button

Lee Hall

You can’t just say “oh they could put a speaker there” You need the space in the phone to do that, you assume there is a big empty space in that bezzel to put the speaker. I’m sure if there was a straight forward and cost effective way to do it, they would do it.


Well aware of that mate.but they could have designed the phone with smaller bezels if they wanted to. It’s designed to look alot like a iPhone so people will be familiar with it. iPhones have the big chin because of the home button a pixel doesn’t have this


It’s made by HTC, and their latest, the HTC 10, does not have these large bezels. Not even the side ones. So it can be done, they just…haven’t. I’m not saying they have to be tiny, but they should be smaller than this. Unless there’s stuff packed into it that a phone has never seen before?