Google will be unveiling some cool stuff starting in the next 12 hours or so, and while the fun is in seeing what the products are, there’s some regulatory hurdles to jump through and Google is clearing them one by one, starting with Trademarks on the Pixel name here in Australia and in the European Union.

There’s several trademarks that have been applied for in Europe, with trademarks for Pixel Phone by Google applied for, but it’s not just the phones it’s also cases with Google applying for trademarks on Pixel and Pixel XL ‘case by Google’ as well.

The European Trademark application is interesting, but it also points us to Australia where Google has indeed lodged an application – Trade Mark : 1797437 – with IP Australia, the governing body for intellectual property including patents, trademarks and more in Australia. The IP Australia application isn’t nearly as sexy as the European one, with no graphics or logos attached.


The filings are done, the event is just hours away, we’re excited and things are starting to come together. We’ll bring you all the details as they arise, it’s happening people.

Via: The Trademark Ninja.
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Avik Sarkar

Photos are the bone of contention between tech giants now. We have Facebook rendering a snapchat-like treatment to WhatsApp whereby users will be able to edit photos on WhatsApp before sending them as well


Looks like they’re ending the Nexus level discount pricing and pricing these in line with other smartphones. The SKUs have been set up where I work, so I took a peek today.
Over $1000 for the 128GB XL.