Google is starting to offer some users the opportunity to stream games to their device as a 10 minute trial of paid content from Games on Google Play.

The trial is apparently only coming to Android games for now, but apps could be included soon. This is not the Instant App feature that Google announced back at Google I/O in May, but more along the lines of the app streaming that Google announced in Search Results in November last year.

On their support page for streaming through the Google app, Google describes Game Streaming as ‘When you use Google to search game apps not on your device, Google streams those apps, similar to how videos are streamed on services like YouTube’. While this is through Google Play, Google says to stream games there you will need a connection to a Wi-Fi or a 4G network, and be running Android 5.0 and upwards with Google App version 5.5 and above, so you may need the latest Google Play, or maybe it’s a server side switch.

The option to stream games is apparently only showing up to limited users, with one Android Police staffer and a single tipster getting the option to stream a game, with Ticket To Ride being used as an example. If you are included in what appears to be a limited trial, you’ll get an option to tap the ‘Try Now’ button then the game will stream over your connection.

It’s an interesting development, so we can’t wait to see when it will roll out further.

Source: Android Police.