Do you like Pixel and Pixel XL renders? Here’s high res images of them in Really Blue, Quite Black and Very Silver

Well, that was fast. On the back of the Verizon leak it appears that an enterprising individual has grabbed high-resolution pictures of the Really Blue, Quite Black and Very Silver Pixel and Pixel XL phones and posted them on the web.

The renders are for all three phones, but the emphasis is on the new ‘Really Blue’ colour option which is the one most people seem to be interested in at the moment. The blue model appears to have a white front instead of an all over blue finish or even black front, which may be a pleasant change of pace for those used to an all-black or white design.

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For those of you completionists out there, there is indeed high resolution renders of the front panels from all three colours on both the Pixel and Pixel XL:

Pixel Quite Blackmore
Pixel Really Bluemore
Pixel Very Silver more

Pixel XL

Pixel XL Quite Black more
Pixel XL Really Blue more
Pixel XL Very Silver more

There’s not much more to do now except wait for that 3am AEDT announcement. We’re psyched.

And looks like everyone’s favourite leaker Evan Blass is all over the leaks adding these renders on his Twitter feed showing the rear and sides of the Pixel/Pixel XL in Really Blue and Very Silver.

Update 2:
And now Techno Buffalo has uploaded rear pics of the Pixel and Pixel XL

Pixel Blackmore
Pixel XL Blackmore

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  • Hmm they are looking iPhone again, large phone small screen. My N6 is brilliant in the use of screen space to phone body.

  • What's the point of having a blue phone but making the front white?

    They look very iPhone-ish, have bigger bezels than even your typical HTC phone (without a speaker or fingerprint scanner there) and cost through the roof. Every year, Google makes its phones less appealing. I really miss the N4 and N5 days...they were exciting.

  • My theory is that this will be the standard form factor for Pixel phones going forward, whoever makes them. The Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 will probably be exactly the same dimensions. Compared to other brands, the Nexus phones and tablets haven't had great support for accessories and I think this could change with a consistent form factor.

    • Unfortunately the accessory market is just purely based on sales and market availability. Unless it's Apple or Samsung or released in all markets there won't be support as there aren't many sales.
      Similar to LG G5 and HTC One, the accessory support isn't there as the sales aren't there.

    • Doubt it. Hardware design needs to keep evolving. What will generate third party accessory development will be whether this phone sells.

  • I so far haven't understood the point of including the renders of both the standard and XL versions of this phone; they are identical far as I can see. They could well be the same files on the site even. It's not like ti would make a difference.

  • An all blue phone could've been nice, but the white front just doesn't do it for me. Boring old black it is then I guess.

  • Well I was looking forward to what the blue coloured one would look like....and that does not look good to me.

    Black it is I guess.

    • Wait till you see it in the flesh. Android Police said a while back that it's hard to do the blue finish justice in renders.

      For me it's blue or silver. I've been doing black phones for years. Time for a change!

  • I don't understand all these iPhone comparisons. Literally the only similarity is the bezel size.

      • Haha! Touché! But in all openness, I find it odd so many manufacturers put headphone jacks on the top and not on the bottom. At least I think the bottom is the most convenient location.

  • Any Whovians out there ? I can see a market for the blue phone with a clear case that adds the doors and windows to the TARDIS

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