+ Saturday December 14th, 2019

Last year Google introduced OnHub with TP-Link and Asus. This has now evolved into a new product that Google have today announced, Google Wi-Fi.

Google Wi-Fi is designed to be expandable to deliver faster throughput to every corner of your home, no matter the size. Wi-Fi points can be added as required to expand coverage of the network with the hardware designed to be subtle to fit in anywhere within your house. Google Wi-Fi looks basic but included all the latest technology including AC1200 speeds and Bluetooth connectivity.

Behind the scenes of Google Wi-Fi Network Assist Optimises connections by keeping the signal strong as you move from one Wi-Fi point to another helping your device find the best channel for the best signal. There is also an app that lets you control access manually. From the app you can control not just your own device but other devices on the network, so you can cut the kids’ network access off to make them show up for dinner…

Pre-order for Google Wi-Fi will begin in November with it shipping in December. Pricing is $129US with it also available in a 3 pack for $299US. There is no word on Australian availability or pricing at this stage but we will update the past if and when we receive that information.

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The problem with wifi meshing has always been that you halve the effective bandwidth, since you need to communicate with the device AND the mesh, simultaneously.

Now, with 5Ghz you can play games by using two separate frequency bands/radios – and double the interference for others, but there is no reference to that here.

If they wanted to do this, they should have folded the functionality into Home, that might have made some sense.


Wonder how limited the feature set is. Onhub certainly was not having any vpn support and such.

Iain Simmons

I should point out that it’s actually Google ‘Wifi’. I think the spelling is intentional, even if it is kind of weird.

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