If you’re a social media junkie then you’re probably aware of a little site called Twitter, Google has been getting closer with Twitter over the last year since they started surfacing Twitter accounts in search results. Their latest addition is a new Twitter account that will be the face of their new hardware – and it’s called, predictably, @MadeByGoogle.

The @GoogleNexus account is still active, though it seems it will basically continue to support existing Nexus users for the forseeable future. The @MadeByGoogle account has been active since earlier this week, though didn’t actually get Twitter verification until the wee hours of this morning when they really started tweeting. They’ve been going hard since then answering questions from keen fans on all their new products from Google Home, to Chromecast Ultra and of course the Google Pixel phones.

There’s quite a few Google Twitter accounts, and now it’s time to follow another one. There doesn’t seem to be a matching Google+ or Facebook account, but maybe they’ll come soon enough.

Source: @MadeByGoogle.
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    Sam Z.

    Did you have to refer to Twitter as little?

    Max Luong

    Twitter, but not Google+. 🙁