Google has today finally announced their Daydream compatible Daydream headset and controller, announcing the Daydream View.


The Daydream View is a combo headset and controller, the headset itself is designed to be comfortable from the get go, designed out of flexible, breathable soft micro-fibre fabric, making it 30% lighter than other headsets on the market. It has a nice field of view, low latency and head tracking.

Google has obsessed over the design of the Daydream View intending for it to be easy to use and comfortable, it’s even comfortable for people wearing eyeglasses. It’s easy to use with users simply opening the latch, dropping the phone in and closing the latch – it all connects wirelessly and auto-aligns with your phone.

The Daydream View headset is paired with the Daydream controller which when not in use can be stored inside the headset making it a little easier to keep track of it.


The Daydream view controller has a clickable touchpad on it as well as buttons for controlling the VR experience. It’s also pretty hardy as a dropped controller during the demonstration proved. The controller also includes additional sensors which make it extremely accurate allowing you to point, swing or aim, and it’s so precise you can draw with it or write your name.



Google has partnered with a wide range of content providers for the Google Daydream launch. They will have content like a movie-tie from Warner Bros for the launch of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie tie-in experience. The Harry Potter tie-in will let you use your Daydream controller as a wand for spell casting and more.


Content from the New York Times will be present, as will a lot of games including Gunjack 2 from CCP the makers of EVE, you’ll also be able to explore space with a StarChart app..

Daydream will also be great for watching videos with Netflix, HBO and Hulu all bringing their video libraries to Daydream. You can now watch all your favourite shows and movies on the virtual big-screen in VR.


Google too is bringing their apps to Daydream starting with Google Play Movies and TV, Google Photos, Google Maps and of course YouTube.

All in all, Google has advised that over 50 partners will be bringing apps and games to Daydream before the end of the year.


Google Daydream View will be available in three colours with Slate to start with and Snow and Crimson coming later this year. Google will be selling the Daydream home here in Australia through the Google Online Store for $119. While pre-orders aren’t live yet, and Google hasn’t announced local availability as yet, you can join the waiting list on the Google Store.


We’ll know more about dates for local launches soon so stay tuned.

Source: Google Store.
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    So, rather than cardboard, we have cloth?

    As far as I can see the headset has no electronics itself, it IS just a conventional phone headset (not even any headphones). As such I can see this being churned out by chinese manufacturers for $20, with controller, before November is out.


    I’ll take one Slate please.