Besides the Google Store and Telstra Stores, you’ll be able to buy Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL exclusively at JB Hi-Fi retail stores. I suppose you could say that they are the exclusive retail partner … kind of.

In any event, if you’re minded to order through JB, you can put your pre-order in today for delivery on launch day. At this stage, a “pre-order today and pick-up in store on launch” option isn’t available, but that may change in coming days.


If you’d like to pre-order today, you can find all eight Pixel and Pixel XL configurations (two sizes, two colours, two storage options) on JB Hi-Fi’s website ready to order now.

Thanks: Peter for the heads-up.
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    They’re nice phones, but I got my 6P at launch last time for about $770 and they can be found for <$500 now. Is the Pixel $500-700 better than the 6P? I don't think so. This is very optimistic and slightly delusional pricing.


    Yeah… I’m afraid I have to join the choir on the pricing on these… <$1000 was the point I was looking for… too expensive for the base price, and the upgrades to the XL and the extra storage are just way overpriced.


    Same prices as the iPhone 7+ 128Gb ($1,419). That’s crazy!

    If I’m honest, I wouldn’t entertain one of these unless it’s under a $1,000. I’m not sure what justifies this price considering most components are off the shelf items. Perhaps the OIS innovation? That’s about it as far as I can see..


    Wow, those prices! Google just hasn’t got the demand to be charging those prices yet. I got my 64GB Nexus 6P last year for $1000, and that seemed quite high for a Nexus. $1080 for a 5″ 32GB Pixel seems absurd.


    Ha ha ha ! Wot? They are serious? Nah, nobody can expect to shift those phone for that money. $1269 for a 32GB Pixel XL vs $1249 for an S7 Edge 32GB …. I mean, seriously, which general punter is going to go into JB HiFi and say “no, I won’t have the flashy, waterproof phone that I know, I’ll pay for the iphone knockoff instead”. Google are going to have to go on a massive price cutting spree to shift these. Techies are disgusted by a mid-range phone for silly money, and the great unwashed reaction is “google did… Read more »


    S7es can be found around a lot cheaper if you shop around.

    Also im fairly certain I saw grey imported S7 for around the $600 mark recently on ozbargain.


    Yep, if you look around you can source a 32GB S7 edge for $650 on grey import (half the price). The point I was making was that those were JB Hifi prices. Some knownothing buyer will go into the shop and be comparing the S7 Edge against the Pixel XL – and it’s not even close to a question which they will choose. The S7 edge is a smaller phone, with a bigger looking screen, that looks orders of magnitude more flashy AND has more functionality (like waterproof, microSD, bigger battery, wireless changing option). Hell, I hate Samsung and I’d… Read more »


    wow both are over $1200….. too much

    Dennis Bareis

    Screen too small and too expensive, may get a Note 7 or more likely just wait a year.