RIP Nexus
With the launch of the Pixel line of phones this morning, Google is confirming that their Nexus line is no more.

The Pixel phones, and whatever else Google decides to make under the brand will be the main focus for Google’s hardware efforts for the forseeable future. Google has advised various outlets and is also advising fans on Twitter that ‘there aren’t currently any plans for a future Nexus product’. Google’s Nexus twitter account has advised that they will continue to support Nexus users through the account though:

Google first launched the Nexus program in 2010, and eight phones, four tablets and a media streamer that never quite made it to market later, it’s time to move on.

Vale Nexus.

Source: @googleNexus.
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    They should have just called it Google Phone – brand recognition is everything if they want to make sales. Why put the G logo on there and then call it Pixel? Who came up with that one?

    Newcastle Guardian

    The Nexus 6P, a great performing device, a great price, great screen size … Why Google Why? You had a winning formula there.


    I’ve had 6 Nexus devices – still have a 6P and loved them all. One of the draws was a high end phone at a decent price. Then they brought out the Pixel and matched it with the iPhone pricing. So I’ll be hanging on to my Nexus for a little while longer, then we’ll see what 2017 brings. Sad day all the same 🙁


    They should’ve still stuck with that name, though. Nexus sounds lot cooler than Pixel. IMO

    Yianni soc

    Condolences Dan.

    Gray Fox

    I wonder if they will make a pixel tablets.
    The nexus 7 was not a bad tablet.

    Dean Rosolen

    Pixel C says hello.


    Well, at least till the pixel phones fall flat – then suddenly they will remember nexus again.