Google has announced their new phones this morning and they’re already available to purchase from the Google Store online in Australia. As a premium product though, these devices aren’t cheap with prices starting at $1079.

The Pixel phones come in two sizes – 5″ and 5.5″ displays – with two storage configurations – 32GB or 128GB. All options are available in Very Silver or Quite Black colour options with no ‘Really Blue’ option coming to Australia. So what are the prices?

32GB 128GB
Pixel $1079 $1229
Pixel XL $1269 $1419

Shipping is available for free as a base option with delivery expected on the 26th-28th of October, or you can pay an additional $32 to get your phone here by the 24th-26th of October.

You can head over to the Google Store to place your order right now.

Source: Google Store.
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Adrian G

As a Nexus fan boy and an owner of the last six Nexus phones. I’m bitterly disappointed in the price. Last year’s 6P was $1000 for 64gb, the Pixel is $1419 for the 128gb. Why is there a 40% price increase. They’re charging Apple prices but not supplying Apple like service. Apple supply major OS updates for several years and the service you get from a Genius Bar is impressive. I’ve seen people get replacement products in minutes and not have to post back to Hong Kong. This is the first year in many that I want be pulling the… Read more »


Pixel phones are now available for a discount only at PixelphoneDeals;com


Great phone but Google what’s up with the crazy Aus pricing?
In the US the Pixel starts from US$649
With current exchange rate = AU$850
Australian pricing = AU$1079
$229 or 27% more expensive!!!!


Actually no, the banks exchange rate is closer to .72 then you add 10% GST and you have 991.50 or so. that makes it about 80 more expensive.

Jesus Machine

Ahh Google. For the love of God, please bring Android 8 in 2017 to the 6P. I feel they have truly shunned Nexus …


For 5 years updates and security updates I’d pay that price. For 2 years – tell em they’re dreaming.

Buy a new Moto each time they go out of support and you’ll have 3 phones and 5-6 years of support by the time you’ve spent those same dollars…

Adam J

I assume at these prices price that buying ‘very silver’ will contain actual silver and buying ‘quite black’ will contain actual onyx.


Price high and sell exclusively through select expensive partners (still with delayed updates). It’s like Google doesn’t want to sell these phones.


Sadly we have seen this kind of thing before. I really doubt matching the iPhone price will shift a lot of them. So I agree, in Australia I dont think they have ever tried hard enough to get them in the hands of customers.


Can anyone confirm if we have “device protection” for Pixels here in Australia.. I hope at least they do provide this to justify their ridiculous pricing .. If not.. I cant justify myself buying this phone and so… google have lost an Android/Nexus/Google enthusiast….

Gregory Eden

$1079 for 32gb Pixel verses about $380 current price for a Nexus 5X 32 Gb. The Nexus 5X camera is pretty good do the Pixel one would want to be about $600 worth of awesome.


Not enough phone to charge the same as an iphone. Pass.

David Smith

Given that so many flagship phones have similar specs these days, there’s only price and features left for Google (and others) to compete on, and my initial opinion is that the new features don’t meet the price being asked.


That’s a no on this one. no more google phones it has become a joke.
Good luck google but you jumped the shark


Didn’t they what. Going forward prices for going backwards devices. I don’t know what they are thinking. I would definitely get the iPhone 7+ before any of these devices.

Hello Note 7. Hey Samsung…fork Android?


These phones look really good but the pricing is ridiculous. One of the reasons I use nexus over the iphone is the more realistic prices for devices and now with the introduction of pixel they have matched the prices of iPhone I will have to look else for my next phone.


Anyone else notice these are priced identically to the equivalent storage iPhone 7/7+ models?


I did notice this – and therein lies the rub. Who is going to buy these things when they’re priced against the entrenched big boys of the phone hardware world i.e. Apple & Samsung? I understand that Google are trying to position these devices there, but a lot of what customers are willing to pay for in that bracket is brand cache which Google just do not have in the hardware space.


Any idea if the unlimited Google Photos storage for the Pixel has an expiry period like Dropbox promos ? That price though … damnnn

Shakeel Ali

As far as i can tell from articles and video interviews, they’re claiming the free photo backup is ‘for life’. As for the second question, its a no. However Google did seem to push the digital stabilisation and features such as tying it into the gyro and other sensors to make it better than OIS (according to Google).

Fernando De Leon

That’s iPhone pricing for the 128gb 5’5 version
.. Geez hmm I guess I won’t
Note 7 is cheaper


wow… gone are the days of Nexus 5 prices 🙁 i think i’ll pass on this one!

Just bought myself the Umi Plus, will be getting the Mi5S soon too =D


yeah- $1419 is a LOT of $.. waiting to see what JB and Telstra do. Might extend contract… or i could get JB vouchers from my CC points…


Oooh, CC points, that’s a good idea. Could help bring the price down from ridiculously expensive to just very expensive.


Hi, I’m also interested in the Mi5 (still don’t know if the new S or the old Ceramic/128Gb). From which store are you buying it? Tks