Google’s Pixel phones will have a number of exclusive features including the Pixel Launcher, 24/7 support and for shutterbugs unlimited Google Photos storage of photos and videos at full resolution.

The unlimited feature at full resolution means you avoid the compression that’s applied to pictures and video if you choose the standard unlimited option for Google Photos storage. The unlimited storage at full resolution bonus even extends to the full 4K resolution videos you can capture on the Pixel phones.

The unlimited storage is only for photos and videos uploaded from the device, so there’s no switch on your account that allows for this feature for anything you upload.

Google says that thanks to smart phones over 1 trillion photos were taken last year, making unlimited storage for these photos and videos a pretty big deal. If you’re a keen shutterbug and want great storage, then this is a pretty good deal.

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I thought photos below 16MP had unlimited storage already, so it’s 4K video that is the real benefit…and with 4K video sizes so large it would take a long time to upload. Might as well backup to a local NAS.


Unlimited full res from a great camera, the write up on DxO shows it to perform exceptionally… glad that the pixel name translated into camera pixels for the phone!

Darren Ferguson

Is this for life?
All photos taken on the phone don’t count towards a storage limit ever?


That’s what I want to know. Is it for life (as long as you’re snapping pics and taking video with the phone) or is it for a 2 year window or something?


From my understanding to the article, looks yes. As long as your photo is uploaded from this device. So my question is even my photo account is set as free unlimited option, I could still get benefit of original photo if uploaded from Pixel device?