We’ve just seen the big unveiling of Google’s hardware plans for the next few months at least and with a lot of hardware announced, it looks like Vodafone Australia won’t be carrying Google’s new phones.

Vodafone notably offered the Huawei built Nexus 6P on contract to their customers last year, but this year is different. Vodafone Australia has confirmed that they will not be carrying either the Pixel or Pixel XL handsets that Google announced this morning.

As far as using the phones on the Vodafone network, there are no foreseeable issues with either phone, with both carrying support for all LTE bands that Vodafone use. The phones will be available to purchase from the Google Store online later this month.

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    The Australia Tax and corporate monopoly from Telstra continues…..Welcome to Australia!


    The real reason no other carrier will sell the Pixel is Telstra’s partnership with HTC. I though Google was going in the right direction looks like were going backwards again. Its a shame.


    Looks like Telstra exclusive for the carrier side of things and JB hi-fi for retail. Looks like I won’t be getting a pixel or pixel XL. Those Telstra plans are expensive.

    Alex Gerontzos

    I’m hearing possible Telstra exclusive for both… Please don’t let it be so..


    Please Optus or Virgin carry this thing. It’s Hella expensive outright. And Telstra plans are pricy.