Telstra has been announced as the exclusive carrier partner for Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL in Australia, and if you’re an existing customer, or wanting to become one, you can now pre-order the new phones through Telstra’s website.

The links aren’t showing on Telstra’s front page as yet, but we’ve got them here for you anyway:

Telstra’s offerings start at $85 a month for the Pixel, and $92 a month for the Pixel XL on the Telstra S(mall) plan, and the prices go up from there. You can view the full details on Telstra’s site using the links above.

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    I am hoping the silence of Optus and Virgin means they are keen to stock this phone, but can’t because of the deal with Telstra. Fingers crossed once the exclusive deal is off they jump onboard and stock it. Telstra plans look terrible. Pay a premium for a bunch of junk don’t even want.


    Wow just had a look at Telstra plans. and they seem stupid. 6 months free Apple Music and free streaming along with 200 GB One Drive storage for a Google phone where the ‘ideal’ use is Google Play Music and Google Drive. Yes I have a Windows PC but no I already pay for Google Drive additional storage and I’m not interested in One Drive (minor use). I also already have Google Play Music / YT Red and would never consider swapping to Apple Music. Then compare to Optus new plans with higher overall data allowances and free music streaming… Read more »


    Pixel phones are now available for a discount only at PixelPhoneDeals;com


    Do phones from Telstra still have Telstra bloatware?


    Literally came here to ask the same question. And will they be delaying updates?? If so, I’m headed to the Google store.


    Got my Nexus 5X from Telstra and there was no bloatware

    Clyde Jones

    Absolutely hopeless. Having the most expensive carrier as an exclusive means Google cuts out the majority of the market. Real pity since Telstra are so overpriced. Looks like no Pixel for me


    Go to the Google store!

    Clyde Jones

    Can’t afford $1200 up front for a phone. I prefer contracts


    Fair enough.


    Also $150 New phone feeling mean Pixel 2 for a steal.

    Jaime Bricalli

    Hi, I just did the math… Telstra is actually cheaper than the Google store over 2 years.

    Telstra L Plan
    XL – 2years plan – $2736, $114 p/m
    PX – 2years plan – $2376, $99 p/m

    Google Store
    XL – $1269
    PX – $1079

    On Telstra BYO 10GB – $70 p/m
    XL – 2years byo – $2949
    PX – 2years byo – $2759

    I assume they’re getting a deal from Google, being exclusive and all.


    For the XL plan it works out to be roughly $62 pet month after the price of the phone is taken out. Still too much for me (currently paying $40 a month in Boost Mobile).

    Lets hope there’s a sale on before Christmas


    Yes but how will software updates be handled???

    Daniel Tyson

    Same as current Nexus – i.e Google will supply the update and Telstra will test it before giving Google the go ahead to push it to devices. So, yes, there will be delays.


    Do you know if it’s the same process if you purchase from a retailer (i.e. google store or JB hifi etc.) but use it with a Telstra sim?

    Darren Ferguson

    Yes it will. I have a Nexus 5 bought from Google Play and one of the updates was delayed. Popped in my wife’s SIM and it became immediately available though. So it is based on the SIM. Telstra staff in the local shop had no idea about it and probably thought I was just stupid when I asked them about it.


    I don’t believe that’s true. My Nexus 5 always gets prompt updates and I have a Telstra sim.

    Oliver Ward

    Ditto. If you buy it through Telstra on a plan you’ll get delayed updates, if you get it elsewhere you’ll be fine. If it were tied to the sim then Telstra would have to approve every OS update for every phone that was using it’s network – that is not happening and will not ever happen. Think Xiaomi or Umi are running their updates through Telstra? No… Telstra can barely manage with what they have let alone everybody’s individual handsets…


    Will be the same (my experience it has).
    Nexus 5x (from JB) still waiting for September security update and Nougat update … telstra sim is likely suspect.


    Fail. Absolute bloody FAIL. I can’t believe we still have to put up with this while Apple customers get special treatment. It’s at a point where the ACCC needs to intervene. Unacceptable.