Google Home represents a big step forward for home automation and interaction for Google. But it seems that Google has a problem with interactions on Google Home, in that the device and underlying software is unable to detect different voices and assign those voices to different accounts, but it may be able to do it in the future.

When Google Home launches next month in the US, though multiple users can ask questions, only one user account will be assigned to Google Home. Only one user will be able to ask about their schedule, interact with their YouTube, Google Play Music or Spotify account and that’s kind of limiting. But it’s not the end, this is only the beginning for Google Home and its potential.

In an interview with The Verge, Mario Queiroz, Google’s vice president of product management told them that the ability to understand different people in your home and perform tasks associated with different accounts based on those voices is their ultimate goal. There’s no timeline for this functionality, but with Google’s history of fast iteration, we should see some movement on this for better or worse.

While Google still hasn’t announced an Australian release date for Google Home, the promise of Home is a big one, but if they happened to fix some of these rough edges before launching here we wouldn’t really mind.

Source: TheVerge.
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    Well thats certainly a problem with all these home assistants.

    Not sure what the answer is aside from the assistant doing voice recog to recognise people. I guess you could base it on the phone they are carrying (or an android wear device), but not everyone carries a phone with them all the time.


    Well that’s as much of a cockup as allo and duo only working on one device and being incompatible with everything else.

    You get the feeling that developers in google are getting spooked into releasing before it’s ready, and making things proprietary; due to the threat of a CFO axe hanging over them. You would have to say, given the evidence of the number of cockups seen recently, that the management has taken a decided turn towards the actively incompetent beancounter type.

    Time to get out of google shares, if you are in them.