Brisbane based game developers Halfbrick Studios, the same team behind Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, have today announced their latest game, Dan the Man to Google Play.

The game is based on a YouTube series of the same name from Studio JOHO which started as a Super Mario parody but grew into something more, including a fully fledged mobile game.

The game sees you take on the role of Dan, where you will fight your way through 12 intense missions using a combination of flying kicks, stinging punches and bone-crunching body slams as well as deadly weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, and razor-sharp throwing stars to defeat super difficult bosses each level.

The game comes in three modes – Story, Endless Survival and Battle Mode – and you’ll collect coins along the way which you can use to unlock costumes and upgrades along the way. The game does include in-app purchases valued between $0.99 – $84.99 per item, so you can grab some of these upgrades without going through the missions, if you’re willing to pay the price.

The game features:

  • Bone-crunching boss fights. These robo monsters will hit you right in the gearbox!
  • Powerful weapons and upgradeable attacks. Bring the sonic boom!
  • Create custom characters or play as Dan, super girl Josie and Barry Steakfries (IAP)
  • Test your skills in Battle Mode. Pow!
  • Daily events with super rewards
  • Secret areas brimming with treasure
  • Pinpoint controls with support for gamepads. Just like playing Nintendo on your phone!

If this all sounds like a game you’d love to play it’s free to download now on Google Play.

Source: Google Play.
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    I’m down for giving this a try; they’re a great studio but I’m always wanting something with a bit more direction than the “endless x” type games they normally do.

    Yianni soc

    I’m exactly the same. Only thing that may ruin it is IAP. Time will tell!


    Have you given it a try now? I’ve played thru the first couple of levels; pretty sweet! They are almost a bit too long for my liking, but that feels like a fairly stupid complaint to make :).

    Yianni soc

    Yeah i have! Love it. Feels like the side stroller game of old.
    Haven’t spent a cent yet, but I haven’t felt the need to which is a sign of a good game.
    Yeah levels are too long, but the checkpoint system works well so you can pick up and put down fairly easily.
    I’m on a plane for 8 hours tomorrow, I just hope I can play without network connectivity!