Pixel C 05
After introducing two more entries into their Pixel line yesterday, it seems at least one Pixel is out of stock on the Google Store, but it’s not the Pixel phones, it’s the Pixel C tablet.

Unlike the Nexus 6P which changed status to ‘Coming Soon’ shortly before being removed from the Google Store just prior to the launch of the Pixel phones, the status has simply changed to ‘Out of Stock’, so it’s very likely going to return soon. Good news for anyone looking to purchase the Pixel C wireless bluetooth keyboard, it’s still available for $199.

First introduced by Google at their September Nexus launch last year, the tablet went on-sale in Australia in December 2015 priced at $699 for the 32GB model and $829 for 64GB. Though high priced, the premium, aluminium bodied tablet has been the pick of the Ausdroid crew as the pinnacle of tablet choice in Australia.

If you’ve been looking to add a Pixel to your Android arsenal in the form of a Pixel C stay tuned it shouldn’t be out of stock for too long.

Source: Google Store.
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    This is and will be my last Android tablet. It’ll probably be goodbye Google.


    Why is that? If you have already made your choice why the heck would you buy one? Clearly Android isn’t for you so go do what you gotta do, buy an iPad and be happy. But why come on an Android site to sook about Android?


    Lots of people come on here to sook about Android 😉


    Pixel pre orders are already showing as out of stock on the US site

    Jamie S

    Does the fact that I can still buy the Pixel and Pixel XL phones in all configurations mean that not many people are pre-ordering them? ie if they were selling well would the show as out of stock or sold out?

    Dean Rosolen

    I daresay the price is putting a lot of people off.


    The Price of the pixels will need to drop below 1000 for 128gb version before I consider buying it

    Yianni soc

    I think you’ll find the Eta just gets longer depending on when you order. Same as Apple. Order as soon as it goes live and it’s 2 weeks, then moves to 2-3 weeks, then 3-4 etc. I don’t think a preorder will ever show out of stock.

    Daniel Tyson

    That, or Google finally figured out better logistics.


    Pixel phone pre orders are already showing as out of stock on the US site

    Jamie S

    So maybe people are waiting to see if the getter better deals like free VR bundled etc