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So it seems that the battery issues Samsung have experienced with their 2016 Galaxy Note 7 flagship device is the gift that just keeps on giving after a supposedly “safe” device; reportedly caught fire causing a plane in the US to be evacuated before take off.

The owner made a statement that the device began overheating in his pocket despite being powered off and not on charge at the time, he tossed the device on the floor of the plane where it began to emit a thick grey smoke. At this time the Southwest airlines plane that was set to do a relatively short hop from Louisville to Baltimore, was evacuated safely through the main cabin doors.


Regarding this latest incident, Samsung has said in a statement:

We are working with the authorities and Southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. Once we have examined the device we will have more information to share.

It is a concern that there are still devices at large that clearly are a risk to safety, perhaps its time for Samsung to push an OTA that deliberately bricks the devices.

How do you believe Samsung can right the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 phones?

Source: BBC News.
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I am a note fan, but I hate that stupid edge screen, it might be aesthetically pleasing to some, but I hate it, I can’t understand why they didn’t also create a flat screen variant. There is more at play in my opinion. Than. Just the battery, it could be the way they crammed it in to such a tight space. I think. One. Way they could. Fix. This. Nightmare is to design and release a new. Flat screen variant of the note 7 without the catching on fire issues. They are just destroying their most valuable asset, their company… Read more »


Wow….idiots do live amongst us. The whole issue is regarding the phones catching fire and battery problems and you come along and bitch about it not having a flat screen and that apparently having a flat screen will fix samsungs reputation and save the note 7…. Bravo sir for winning the crybaby of the day award. You want a flat screen? Then buy one of the 50 phones on the market that have one…..jeez


What makes you so sure that the battery is entirely at fault here. Given that they have replaced the battery and it doesn’t appear to have fixed the problem, the phones are still catching fire, there are possibly other issues at play here. From a consumer viewpoint, there was not enough to differentiate the defective and supposedly newer fixed variants. US carriers are now refusing to sell it. I am not talking about just putting a different screen on the device, I’m talking about redoing the casing and internals, perhaps using an established battery from the s7 edge if that… Read more »


I have no idea why you think a flat, non edge version of the phone would make any difference to a device that has a battery manufacturing issue. To me this does not make sense.

On the other hand, I love the Note 7’s edge. It is comfortable and almost without a bezel.


I was on a Korean Air flight the other week and noted them announcing that if your Note 7 had been replaced by Samsung then they were happy for you to use it … I thought this was the start of clearing the air for airlines with this device.

But this just kills the Note 7 … And will seriously hurt Samsung.
They are going to have a hard time explaining why and how their fixed batteries are having issues when they assured people it was sorted.


The user might have declared it as a replacement device, but they might also be lying, or they phone may have been damaged some other way.
But if it’s all as stated that the phone is a replacement. Then it’s going to be tough for samsung to recover from it.
This has happened in the past from other manufacturers including apple though.


That said, it if going to require more than 1 device to require another recall. I am not convinced this is the same issue, or like you say, may not be a replaced phone.