Vodafone customer living in our nations capital will be pleased with a newly completed upgrade on the carriers network with Vodafone today advising that they have completed an upgrade which will provide a boost in speed.

The upgrade is thanks to an additional 15MHz chunk of spectrum on the 1800MHz network which Vodafone acquired that allows them to boost their holdings to 20MHz. The additional spectrum, has allowed Vodafone to update 84 of their sites to 4G 1800MHz, increasing capacity four-fold with mobile data speeds increasing up to six times faster than previously.

Vodafone Chief Technology Officer Kevin Millroy said of the update

A great deal of work has been put into improving network performance in Canberra. Through our investments, we have been able to drive a wide range of upgrades to deliver greater reliability, speed and performance. If you look at where people live and work, Vodafone is on par with major rivals.

The update is just the start of plans for building the Vodafone network, with further improvements to 19 sites expected in the next 12 months.

Future plans also includes work include building out their fibre network which will prepare for the introduction of 5G network technology in the future.

Vodafone has made leaps and bounds since the dark days of ‘Vodafail’, with consistently positive results and feedback including this years OpenSignal report which saw Vodafone match Telstra in delivering a consistent LTE signal. These improvements in Canberra and their work on the Australian government blackspot project should continue to offer their customer base excellent coverage Australia wide.

If you’re a Canberran, and you’re looking for a new plan, it may be time to look at the Vodafone network – and remember they have their 30 day Network Satisfaction Guarantee for you to give it a go.