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It’s an Australian tradition, the Great Race. The Bathurst 1000. This weekend the V8s will be roaring around Mount Panorma and you’ll be able to step into the action with the new FOX Vision app, available now on Google Play.

The app lets follow the top 10 cars as they zoom around the 3D map of the Bathurst raceway, and you can also get live timing and data, as well as a 360-degree view from inside the cars in the race. The app uses a visual cue, in this case the Live 3D Map, a picture you’ll need to get out of the paper on Sunday – or download from the Fox Sports website…or here

Simply download the app from Google Play (or the Apple app store), load it up, select Live 3D map and point the camera at the image, you’ll see a 3D image appear.

If that’s not enough for you, you can take control of your own 3D supercar and drive around the miniature Bathurst track yourself.

If you’re planning on a big weekend in to watch the great race, then head to Google Play and download the app now.

You can watch the great race on Foxtel all weekend, or if you’re not made of money check out Channel 10 for the free to air coverage. Go Holden!

FOX Vision
FOX Vision
Price: To be announced
Source: Google PlayFoxtel.