Google can appear a little schizophrenic at times, in the same week that the release the most expensive Android phone on the market, they also update their open source font project, of course, this is because they are such a large organisation. I’ll forgive anyone who hasn’t heard of Googles Noto Font project, I know I hadn’t.

What is Noto? It’s an open source font family designed to ensure that all characters in the Unicode standard had an easily accessible and up to date for for everyone to use, in case you’re wondering the Noto family encompasses some 800 languages (including emoji) and 110,000 individual characters.

Why do this? The answer is simple Google hates Tofu, no not the food, this, ⯐. Tofu is the name given to the square symbol “⯐” that is used when your computing device can’t recognise a specific Unicode character.

noto font

Google actually started the project to ensure that both Android and ChromeOS has a robust font library to support them. And in true Google fashion, they are now sharing their current and future progress with everyone. If you’re in need of a Unicode compliant modern font set, follow the link below and start downloading.

Source: Google.