As reports continue to flow in about replaced, ‘safe’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire in the US, we’ve seen reports today that Samsung has halted production in Korea, and that US carriers are withdrawing the embattled handset from sale. We’ve taken the unusual step of recommending that users turn off their Galaxy Note 7’s and return them to their place of of purchase, and the carriers are now following suit.

In Australia, we’ve already had confirmed that Telstra are withdrawing the Galaxy Note 7 from sale, and will not be giving out any new replacement handsets:

We have temporarily paused shipping replacement Galaxy Note7 smartphones to our customers while Samsung investigates reported incidents in the U.S. We have asked Samsung to provide us with an update on their investigations as a matter of priority and will update our customers as soon as we learn more.

In the meantime we are helping customers with loan phones and for those who do not wish to wait for the exchange program a change-over to an alternative smartphone.

We’ve also just had confirmation that Vodafone are withdrawing the phone from sale, and won’t be handing out replacement handsets.


A Vodafone employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed to Ausdroid that the instruction from head office has been given not to sell the Note 7 to anyone until further notice. It’s unconfirmed whether ‘safe’ replacement handsets will be given out, but it seems unlikely. Vodafone have been approached for formal comment.

Vodafone has now officially confirmed to Ausdroid that they too have paused the Note 7 replacement program for Vodafone Customers based on reports of incidents with the phone overseas. They further went on to say:

Quality and customer safety are absolute priorities for Vodafone.

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Note7 customers are entitled to a loan device* free of charge while we wait for Samsung to complete its investigation of recent reported incidents.

We invite customers to visit their local store to discuss their options.

Update 2:
Vodafone has just released the following statement advising that customers are able to bring their Note 7 back to stores for an exchange for another smartphone of equal or lesser value:

Vodafone is pausing the replacement program for the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 following reported incidents overseas.

From tomorrow, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 customers are able to exchange their device for a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge or another smartphone in stock of equal or less value.

Customers are encouraged to back-up their data, complete a factory reset to delete all personal information, power-down their device and exchange it at any Vodafone branded store.

Vodafone will continue to keep customers updated on the status of this program as we receive more information from Samsung.

Vodafone has confirmed that if a handset of lesser value is chosen the difference in price will be refunded.

We have unconfirmed reports that Optus, too, has withdrawn the Note 7 from sale. We have sought confirmation from Optus, but have not heard back from them at the time of writing. We’ll update when we have more.

Optus had just announced officially announced that they too have halted handing out replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets. They have issued this statement:

Optus has decided to temporarily suspend the distribution of replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 handsets pending an investigation by Samsung.

We will advise customers who are awaiting their replacement Note7 handset of the next steps as soon as we have more information

Virgin Mobile has late this afternoon also come out to advise that they too are temporarily suspending distribution of replacement Galaxy Note 7 handsets. The statement from Virgin is in line with the statement released by Samsung Australia this afternoon. Virgin Mobile said:

Virgin Mobile has decided to temporarily suspend the distribution of replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 handsets pending an investigation by Samsung.

We’ll let our customers who are awaiting their replacement Note7 handset know of the next steps as soon as we have more information


This article was originally published as Developing: Local carriers Telstra, Vodafone and Optus withdraw support for Samsung Note 7.

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Wait until you see the Telstra “loan phone”… seriously, you wont want your Note 7 ( or alternate device ) back… they ROCK!

They have the ability to give you 4-5 hours back in your day – because it is just that… a phone. Nothing more… except it has a torch in the top… not a camera… just a torch.

Oh.. and because there is no “factory” reset… you get to see all the sms that people before you have sent! lol..

You will love life so much more… trust me.


File a complaint with the Telstra over the privacy issues with the loan phone and kick up a stink. If they don’t play ball, escalate to TIO, cause frankly that is just plain BS, that they can’t even give you a basic Android smart phone, as a loaner.

I mean surely they have enough spare stock of their cheap Android Telstra-branded phones, to use them as loan devices (at a bare minimum).

Shakeel Ali

Telstra’s official loan policy is to provide you with two options.

1. You get a J1 Mini (which samsung pays for) which you get to keep once your Note 7 replacement is sent to you
2. You get an S7 Edge to use as a loan device which you return once your Note 7 replacement is sent out.

Heinrich Himmler

Can’t tell if you’re serious or not. I got an S7 Edge as my loaner phone.


I guess there will be an unpacked event scheduled for 1/11, introducing the new Note 8!
With new removable back cover and user replaceable battery! Otherwise the specs will match the Note 7 exactly!

Daniel Narbett

With optional SExtinguisher

Adam Grima

Add a flat screen and I’d buy it! Stupid curved display. I wish I had not been so quick to give away my Note 4. Wife refuses to give it back and I can’t get an AU replacement only S/H or grey import /sadpanda


So what happens now I have a note 7 replacement from Telstra – do I continue using it, can I replace it for another phone, where does the responsibility sit. One thing is sure too much time is certainly being wasted on a product that I really enjoy but that is potentially dangerous!!!!

Oliver Ward

ummmm.. take the turd back. Telstra’s statement is pretty clear.

“we are helping customers with loan phones and for those who do not wish to wait for the exchange program a change-over to an alternative smartphone.”


I’d back up my stuff, factory reset, power it down and return it. The telcos really need to get ahead of this and be clear about customers’ options here.


So what happens now. I have a replacement handset on Telstra, can I return it and get another phone, should I stop using it – a strange position to be in. As said and done it’s an excellent phone though


A bit poor on Samsungs part that this time round everyone but them is on the front foot. You would think given that given we are still close to the issue they would be on high alert just in case. Their reaction as opposed to the actual issue will do more damage to the brand imo.

Jamie S

It’s interesting that retailers are still selling accessories for the Note 7. You would think they would have a duty of care or morals to stop sell… Oh never mind?


R.I.P. Note 7


Next level DOA!


Good to see that all three networks have done the same thing, although they really had no choice. They cannot continue to sell a device that may still present a danger to their customers. It’d only be a matter of time before they got sued if something happened to a Note 7 handset sold after 01 October (or thereabouts).