TV catch-up for all free to air stations is about to get a lot more interesting in Australia with Freeview announcing their mobile app will launch in November.

The app will include live-streaming as well as catch-up TV of all 15 free-to-air networks currently broadcasting in Australia making it easier to find all your favourite TV shows in one place.

Freeview was launched in 2008 by free-to-air broadcasters as a way to present a unified consistent marketing platform to compete against subscription television services such as Foxtel. The Freeview mobile app will include all the features of the Freeview platform including a Free-to-Air Electronic Program Guide, recommendation engine and a Browse and Search feature letting you find your favourite shows more easily.

Freeview CEO Liz Ross said

For the first time globally, an FTA industry has united to create and deliver a powerful consumer experience. Freeview FV will deliver fantastic choice and convenience in one place, it is simple and-easy to-use, and it will meet the needs of audiences wherever they may be. From live streaming news and current affairs during the morning commute to catching-up on a favourite TV program on the way home, Freeview FV will completely revolutionise access to the free-to-air TV offering in Australia.

Details on release platforms will be provided closer to launch. In terms of availability, Freeview says their mobile app will be ‘available to all Australians through their mobile devices’ so Android and iOS apps are almost certainly assured, though possibly a Windows Phone app could be made ready, but Freeview hasn’t advised.

We’ve asked for more information regarding possible Android TV or even Chromecast support, but may not hear anything more until later.

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    If it can stream all the programs that SBS On Demand can then I’ll be happy. SBS On Demand is buggy and crap. Here’s hoping for Chromecast support!


    Given the networks dont all support googlecast in their own apps, I kinda doubt this will.

    Lachie Outhred

    Do live sports on FTA tv get streamed? Or do they reserve that for the paid AFL pass for example?


    Yeah, good point.
    I have been able to watch NFL/Tennis/Olympics/Cycling in the past on mobile through channel specific apps but haven’t been able to watch AFL/Cricket.


    To me this seems like a strange move by Freeview as they have for so long been fighting against streaming and not are all for it. While it is totally logical to stream the channels especially to mobile devices as it increases the possibility that people will watch their live content while they are out and that mobile tuners only work in great reception areas I am not sure how many actually do especially over mobile. I guess they must have decided the advertising argument they can get around now by possibly embedding local ones on the fly or streaming… Read more »

    Mark Miller

    There is Great unofficial windows 10 app. it has most of freeview channels it is called Aussie TV FTW. its great no ads at the start.

    Alan Cramer

    “For the first time globally,” obviously they didn’t hear about Hulu.


    Chromecast support.

    We live in hope.




    I’ll see you chromecast and raise you android TV


    An Android TV app would be great but Chromecast support, at least initially, makes more sense. You kill two birds with the one stone seeing Android TV supports the Google Cast protocol.

    But I’m sure you’re well aware of this!


    Like the idea. Not having to access 5 different apps to see the different FTA channels on the go is definitely a plus. I was also in the hunt for a decent TV guide app. Chromecast support is as always high on my wishlist for catch up TV.


    Yes please with chromecast support and at least 720P resolution.
    Would have saved me running a 20 metre antenna cable on Grand Final day


    Was about to post the same. While we can stream all those channels now, having it in a single app with an EPG will be pretty nice.

    +1 for Chromecast support too.