You asked, they listened. After what seems to be popular demand, LG has announced they will be bringing the LG V20 to Australia in November.

Launched as the first phone running Android 7.0 out of the box, that won’t actually be true when the handset launches next month with the Google Pixel phones launching here on October 20th. The pricing may be a little better though with LG very aggressive on their previous launches of flagship phones on our shores – and make no mistake, the LG V20 is flagship class.

Featuring a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage the phone also has a removable battery which allows you to swap the 3200mAh out as you please – you know in case of accidents – the V20 has all the ‘right stuff’. The LG V20, like it’s predecessor the V10, features a 160 x 104 resolution screen sitting just above the main 5.7″ QHD display which you can use to view notifications or shortcuts.

The V20 also features great camera specs with a dual-lens setup including a 16MP sensor with f/1.8 lens as well as a secondary 8MP sensor for wide-angle shots. The phone comes with laser AutoFocus and phase detection and contrast AF. The LG V20 is also the first phone in LGs range to feature Qualcomm’s new Steady Record 2.0 EIS (electronic image stabilization) system which allows for smoother videos.

Sounds on the LG V20 will be phenomenal too with the first Hi-Fi Quad Digital-Audio Converter (DAC) and a HD Audio Recorder.

Full specs include:

Key Specifications:LG V20
Release dateNovember 2016
Screen size5.7-inch
Screen technologyIPS LCD
Resolution2,560 x 1,440
Rear camera16MP/8MP (Wide Angle)
Rear aperturef/1.8/f/2.4 (Wide Angle)
Front camera5MP
Front aperturef/1.9
ChipsetSnapdragon 820
Core config
MicroSDYes, Up to 2TB
Battery3,200 mAh
Battery removableYes
ConnectorUSB C
Headphone Port
Headphone Location
Speaker Configuration
WIFI standards
  • 802.11 a
  • b
  • g
  • n
  • ac
Bluetooth standards
  • 4.2
  • LE
Android OSAndroid 7.0
Vendor skinLG UX 5.0
Dimensions159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm
  • Titan
  • Silver
  • Pink

The V20 will be running Android 7.0 out of the box, but it won’t be stock Android. LG has of course added their UX 5.0+ flavour to it which they say makes it a better multi-media experience. The LG UX 5.0+ helps with the features of the camera and audio recording and playback like the Hi-Fi Quad DAC and HD Audio recording.

In terms of availability, LG hasn’t announced carrier or retail partnerships for Australia as yet. LG hasn’t even added the phone to their web site yet. We’ve asked for more information and we’ll advise as soon as we have anything.

Source: LG.
Via: Facebook.
Thanks: LIam.
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    Mark McLeod

    Is there any information on telstra stocking this?

    Andrew White

    Not much written about how VR ready this device is and whether LG will be adding an improved headset to its accessory line-up.
    An important consideration with VR beginning to take centre stage.
    Will purchase anyway because of its exceptional manual control over video and sound.

    Daniel Tyson

    It won’t be DayDream compatible, AMOLED display is required for DayDream. Cardboard you can go nuts over.


    i hope the aussie version has a fm radio ? if so look forward to getting one .

    Brent Kullrich

    Sweet happy bday to me, I was worried this phone wasn’t comming to AUS


    Only just found out about this phone, it’s going to make handing back note 7 much easier. Sounds exciting


    I spoke to jbhifi today when I returned my note 7, expecting too be out on the 3rd/11 there current price on the system is 1099 “I doubt it be more expensive then that”


    I’d only heard of this one in passing on a few US sites, but as others have said, with the downfall of the Note 7, and the exclusivity and high pricing on the Pixel XL, this has become a new frontrunner for me.

    Alex Kelly

    Likely will be my choice, Can’t bring myself to pre-order the Pixel XL


    This phone has one thing I have not seen on any other phone ever…it has “sond”. Sorry Dan couldn’t help myself..you may want to have a look at this: “Sonds on the LG V20 will be phenomenal.” 🙂


    Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! I called them up yesterday and they told me that there were no plans yet. This is music to my ears. The quad ESS SABRE DAC is what attracts me to this phone.
    I’m a a fan of high res music and I’ve been waiting a few months for this. I was planning on getting this phone overseas, but am happy to wait another month.
    Do we know if it comes with the Bang and Olufsen H3 earphones?


    will it bootloop?

    Brad H.

    Now this is a phone I’m interested in. Looks nice, has all the features I’m after, and has a quirky additional screen. Only downside might be with LG UI, and I don’t know pricing yet. But I’m alot more excited about this than the Pixel(s).


    If LG was umming and ahhing over bringing the V20 to Australia, Samsung’s Note 7 catastrophe has made the decision an easy one!


    That and Pixel pricing


    The V20 will be priced highly, don’t you worry about that. It’s a high end phone.


    True that, but as long as it’s not Telstra exclusive at least it will be competitive


    Perhaps. But I’m betting the Pixel will sell more phones even as a Telstra exclusive.


    I agree Pixel will sell more as Google look like they ar spending up big on marketing. But for the android enthusiast they are priced way too high , Note 7 has obvious issues. This could be the one to fill the game for the tech nerds. The reviews online so far are great and the DAC has me excited


    But I doubt the V20 will be much less, if at all. Surely it’ll start over $1000.


    1099 from jb


    There you go. If I’m not mistaken that’s more than the Pixel and iPhone!


    I am hoping sub $1200, all flagships this year have been between $1099 -$1400 at launch so expecting at least $1200


    Spot on 1099 confirmed from jbhifi


    It is, but if LG were smart a good price that undershot the competition failures would be a good move. LG have never done as well as Samsung, and it would be good for them for disappointed buyers to favour them instead.

    The profit line would still be massive.


    launching with Android N means it will support till Android P which is great as devices like Note 7 ( if it didn’t explode) would only be getting till android O.

    Clyde Jones

    Hopefully Optus and other carriers stock it. This was my backup choice if the Pixel XL was going to be unavailable to me (which it is), so good news its coming to Australia




    My Wife is keen on this…but telstra is a no go, due to crazy price for decent data and international minutes. Hope it comes to Vodafone!