Excited to see what software is running on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets? Well, wait no longer with noted HTC ROM developer @llabtoofer posting system images from both phones on his website.

The archives for both the Pixel and Pixel XL, which weigh in at around 1.38GB in size each, are available to download, with three files included in each:

  • boot.img – kernel
  • system.img – A system partition that contains main apk and jar files
  • system_other.img – B system partition that contains odex files

The system images are build NDE63H and include the October 5th security patch released by Google earlier this month.

The archives contain a treasure trove of information, including the APK files from the Pixel and Pixel XL which have been uploaded to Google Drive by an enterprising reddit user. Apps like the Pixel launcher are reportedly the same as the leaked version so there’s no update there. Things like the Google Assistant won’t be found within the system image as a separate APK though, it’s baked into the system itself.

If poking around in this stuff is your idea of a good time, the images are hosted on Kim DotCom’s file hosting site MEGA, and you can find the links on Llabtoofer’s homepage in the source link below.

Source: llabtoofer.