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When Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL the capabilities of the camera were a high point of the event, with the highest score ever given by DXOMark. The camera also introduced a new version of Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) and since the launch the question of whether 4K video is able to use this has been asked, now Googler Isaac Reynolds has cleared that detail up.

According to Reynolds, EIS is enabled on the new Pixel phones for 4K video, something that wasn’t possible on the Nexus 6P. On the Pixel phones. At the launch for the phones, Brian Rakowski explained that EIS uses the internal gyroscope in the phone which is sampled 200 times per second so that the software can tell how the camera is moving. The EIS makes for a heck of a stable video – see the 28:00 mark of the launch video.

If the technical details of 4K and EIS are just too much and you want to know how good the quality of the video is then YouTuber Ron8it has uploaded a 4K video sample to his channel showing a video he shot on the Pixel XL. The video has been edited and cleaned up a little, but is impressive nonethless.

The Pixel phones will arrive in Australia later this month. We’ve covered how you can get it on Telstra with some plan hacking, or you can order it from the Google Store online or from JB Hifi stores.

What do you think of the 4K video?

Source: Google Product Forums.

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Daniel Tyson

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