Rumours of an HTC-built Android Wear device date back almost as long of Google’s smartwatch platform. We have to see several iterations of an HTC Android Wear rumour which ultimate end with no device. The latest rumour, however, may just make it to market.

The device — code-named Halfbeak — seems to be another collaboration between emerging fitness giant Under Armour and the increasingly struggling HTC. The completely round display is paired with a pair of buttons, and at least from now the device seems to be being tested on Android 5.1.1

Other features include what appears to be a removable (but perhaps custom) watchband similar to the one on the Asus ZenWatcg 3, a heart rate sensor, hardly a surprise with the Under Armour branding, and a charging via Pogo pins, presumably via a dock.

Unfortunately, for those interested in an HTC Under Armour smartwatch mash-up, there is no indication if this is a current product or simply images of a device that never made it. With Android 5.1.1 being the working version perhaps the latter is more likely?

Would you be interested in a fitness-focused HTC/ Under Armour Android Wear device? let us know below.

Source: techtastic.
Via: 9to5Google.