After Samsung today issued a statement asking users to power down their Galaxy Note 7 handsets and return them for refund or exchange, Samsung’s partner Oculus, who power the companies VR headset the Gear VR has taken the step of removing Galaxy Note 7 support.

The update was noted by reddit user who posted a picture of a message received when loading up the Gear VR with his Note 7.


The Note 7 has not officially been recalled, but Samsung and Australian carriers are all urging customers to back up their data, power down the unit and return the unit to their place of purchase for a refund or replacement with a handset of equal or lesser value. Multiple handsets of what Samsung has deemed to be the ‘Safe’ replacement model of the handset have caught on fire over the last couple of weeks.

While no replacement Note 7 handsets have had issues here in Australia as yet, we’re urging our readers to follow Samsung’s advice and follow the steps to back up their device, power it down and return it. Play it safe. No phone is worth even a remote chance.

Source: Reddit.
Via: Android Central.
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If they can disable the VR headset over the air, then they can do the same thing with the Note 7. Perhaps it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung says in a week or so “Please return all Note 7s by the 1st of November – after this date your device will be remotely locked.” Or something along those lines.


Sorry to hijack the thread, but it’s not clear if your tips box is working atm (clicked “Send” and an icon spun but there was no confirmation); but it seems the Moto Z is being announced for Australia on Thursday: Moto AU is running a Facebook competition on their page to win prizes that will be “announced on Thursday”. Competition runs a couple more days, but if you look into the T’s & C’s link, it mentions there are two prizes of a Moto Z and choice of a Mod, gross value of prizes is $1,500 AU. Prizes will be… Read more »


Hi Adam, we did get the tip, thank you 🙂 Yes, there’s things happening with the Moto Z tomorrow morning.

Yianni soc

Moto z has a wireless charging mod I think… May be my next!

Now, back to fire hazards.