Oppo have been doing an outstanding job of delivering quality phones at an affordable price for a couple of years now, their solid feeling phones look the part and perform admirably (particularly so when the price point is taken into consideration) and on October 19th a new addition is joining the family – the R9s.

There’s been plenty of information about the R9s for a while now, hell… Oppo have had a commercial leaked!

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Chinese manufacturer has sent out invites to a number of media outlets for the launch of the device on October 19th, apparently with little other information.

One of the points that has impressed me with the Oppo devices I’ve reviewed is their camera responsiveness and the quality of picture that they create. There’s rumour that it may in fact have a Sony manufactured sensor and a f/1.7 aperture which will make it very capable in low light conditions. Further specs according to IT Home it is rumoured to have an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor, 3010mAh battery, 64GB storage, 4GB memory and a personal favourite of mine – support VOOC fast charge.

On paper, its an impressive showing. We have already reached out to Oppo in Australia for more information. They have confirmed that the R9s is coming to Australia with an uncertain date of availability at this time, we will get hands on with a review unit when the time is right.

Based on the current market, what is the price point you’d like to see the R9s launch in Australia at?

Source: IT Home.
Via: GSM Arena.
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If the R9 Plus is $700 AUD, I reckon that the R9s would be $800 at most.

Although I’d much rather the R9s be $700


The R9s will replace the $599 RRP R9, so prices should be at similar levels.

There’s also the rumored R9s Plus that’s supposed to launch alongside, but there’s not a lot of information about it. That should replace the R9 Plus that costs $699 RRP

I expect prices to be at those levels, or else they’ll be too expensive. The ZTE Axon 7 with a Snapdragon 820 and 2K AMOLED screen is $699 AUD RRP so that should give Oppo a good indication of where to price these to remain competitive.


That would be really great if that was the case. Considering the ZTE has SD 820. Kind of silly to price it directly with something that has a faster processor.

Saying that I don’t doubt the R9s will have the better camera.


Exactly, so here’s hoping Oppo have done their research and price these accordingly. I’m hoping for a $599 R9s and a $699 R9s Plus 😉

Oppo has confirmed that the R9s is getting the new Sony IMX398 F1.7 sensor so image quality should be sweet. I believe this is the first phone to use this new sensor.

Looking forward to the launch, and local pricing!



No, Oppo have kept the 16mp front facing and rear camera on the R9s and R9s Plus.


Looks decent..there’s sometHing in my head that says I’m not paying more than 500 bucks though if it’s a 600 series processor..but then phones here are way over priced and I may be in the minority.


Agree with the sentiment that sub AUD500 for a 600 series processor. But something tells me it will be more than AUD500.