Following Ausdroid’s own advice yesterday on the Note 7, Samsung Australia has issued a statement this afternoon recommending that any users of the Note 7 — either an original Note 7 or a safe/replacement device — should return it to their place of purchase to seek a refund or an exchange.

The statement follows Samsung Global’s announcement earlier this morning about halting replacements. Here’s the full statement:

Samsung Electronics Australia Media Statement – 11 October 2016

As reported globally, Samsung Electronics is currently investigating the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7.  As a precautionary measure, we recommend that customers power down their Note 7 device and take advantage of the remedies available whilst these investigations are taking place.

Customers in Australia who have a Galaxy Note7, both an original device purchased before 5 September 2016 or a new replacement device, should power down their phone and contact their original place of purchase.

Samsung Australia is working with all its partners to ensure all customers can receive an exchange – including a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge – or full refund for their Galaxy Note7.

Before returning their Galaxy Note7, customers should back-up their data, complete a factory reset to delete personal information and power down their device.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to our Australian customers and thank them for their patience.

This hasn’t progressed to a full recall, as yet, but we can only suspect that this may be coming. Samsung are clearly working on damage control here, and given the frequency with which issues are being reported overseas, this approach can only be considered prudent.

If you have a Note 7, you should back it up, pack it up, and return it now. If you’re fond of Samsung products, I’d personally recommend the S7 Edge to you; it’s a great phone and you won’t be disappointed.

This afternoon Virgin Mobile and Optus have updated their various community pages advising customers of this update from Samsung. The statement on the Virgin Mobile community page reads:

As a precaution, Samsung has advised customers who have received a replacement Note7 device to power off their handset. This applies to all Note 7 devices, including original and replacement handsets.

Virgin Mobile customers who are waiting to receive a replacement Note7 device, or have already received a replacement Note7 device, can choose a Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7 as a replacement device.

Alternative handsets are also available to customers who wish to change from a Samsung device.

Virgin Mobile customers can contact us to discuss their options.

For the latest information from Samsung Australia, please click here.

Optus has also added an update to their Community Page which reads:

As a precaution, Samsung has advised customers who have received a replacement Note7 device to power off their handset.

Optus customers who are waiting to receive a replacement Note7 device, or have already received a replacement Note7 device, can select between a Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7 as a replacement device.

We can also supply alternative handsets for customers who wish to change from a Samsung devices.

Telstra has issued this announcement regarding the Galaxy Note 7

We want to make sure our customers are looked after and we are contacting them today to ensure they are aware of the recall. We will be helping customers with a change-over to an alternative smartphone or a refund on their purchase. If customers have any questions they can visit us in store or contact us via a dedicated 1800 number. They can also find more information at:

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P Kaur

What will i buy now
I love my note 4 and wanted to upgrade to note 7
I dont think i will ever be able to be happy with a phone again. I love the stylus. Can work on my projects from any where and update my colleagues . Please help. My note 4 is almost broken. What should i buy now. Dont know how i am going to survive without the samsung Note series. What should i buy next. I need good big screen and the stylus options

David Neskov

Sorry to say if you rely on the Stylus your only real option now is a Note 5, I mean LG has a cheap phone with a Stylus (my mother in-law has it) and its Gimmicky at best. I wish there was another choice to the Note but there isn’t.


It’s good to let pixel popular.

David Neskov

Have no Idea what I am going to do, been a Note user since the Note 1, no other phone comes close. Unfortunately my Note 4 is broken so my only other choice would be to go on a plan for a Note 5 (not going to happen) or Start using my note 1 or 2. So I may just have to keep on using the 7?


Can’t recommend that David.. not only is it risky to your safety, but the likelihood of the Note 7 receiving software updates, support or anything much now seems at the very least questionable. Resale value would have to be limited, plus the likelihood you might never be able to fly with it….

I know, not issues that will affect everyone, but still. I’d be giving it back and buying something else. Just My 2c.

David Neskov

I get that, and now that it Seems Samsung is ditching the Note 7 entirely I have no choice but to get something else. I mean charging my phone in a fireproof room for a month is a hassle I might be willing to ware, for a whole year waiting for the Note 8 though is another story. The only thing that upsets me now is all the other lesser phone are almost the same on contract as the Note 7 was.

Adam Williams

aaarghhg don’t want to give up my note 7, but also mine is a first release so called at 60% battery. Been thinking the pixel XL because I was Nexus for a few gens and loved it. But no waterproof and ugly as.. isheep7 maybe? NAA


In the battery advanced settings there is a switch which allows you to charge to 80%


With all phones a step back from the note – everything will disappoint in some way so I’m getting a HTC 10 – a madly underrated phone, has all the specs I need plus killer audio – I’m going to support a manufacturer that deserves some love!!!

Yianni soc

Definitely they do need some love. The 10 is an awesome device. I could never get over the top and bottom ‘chins’ of the HTC phones though.


It’s a sad state of affairs when the first 2 options on automated answer service relate to separate recalls

Melani Smith

Thinking of going Sony Z5

Yianni soc

Wait for the Xperia XZ. It’s an amazing device. The screen on it is phenomenal.


i now have no idea what phone to get, what is everyone else who had a note 7 going to get?

Satwik Kamatmehbro

same dilemma!

Frank Xia Hua

same same!!! S7edge feel like everything a little bit going backwards compared to note7.


I’d really like to get a Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe 256GB. Currently people in Taiwan can pre order with Asus, expected to ship 20 November. I’m hoping we see that phone for “power users” down here. No water resistance seems to be the only negative. Not getting an s7 edge, sorry but that is a giant leap backwards, as is the Pixel XL. (pixel XL has less LTE CA support, no pen, no water resistance, no external memory, no optical image stabilisation in the camera, worse camera, huge bezels (i have a double chin on my face I don’t need… Read more »


Seen a few people talk about grabbing the LG V20 when it comes out.


Sony Xperia XZ is what I’m leaning towards. IP68, stereo speakers, good camera, IPS display with killer brightness, expandable storage. Pixel XL lacks water resistance and expandable storage. V20 lacks water resistance and looks ugly. Nothing else in the 5.5″ range available through Telstra on a plan so I might have to settle with the 5.2″ on the XZ. 🙁 S7 Edge UI/UX is miles behind the note 7.