In late breaking news this Tuesday evening, Samsung has taken the drastic move of ending production of the troubled Galaxy Note 7, killing off the embattled smartphone for good. After carrier partners in Australia and around the world halted the sale of the phones, and stopped giving out the replacement ‘safe’ devices, Samsung took the step of announcing that it had paused production to assess the situation more properly.

Well, that assessment is in. After the new ‘safe’ versions proved to be anything but, and after halting sales, Samsung has finally decided that enough is enough, and the Note 7 will be shelved, with no more units to be made, and no more units to be sold. Here is Samsung’s statement on the matter:

“We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety as top priority, we have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s.

Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device.”

It seems the final nail in the coffin of the Note 7 was Samsung’s home regulator — the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards — asking the company to stop selling or exchanging the Note 7 after confirming reports of defects in the original and replacement handsets.

We are seeking comment from Samsung Australia, but given the late hour, we don’t expect to receive anything much before tomorrow. However, we will update this story as it unfolds.


Source: Al Jazeera.
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    Must be bad luck of skipping no.6…..


    Sadly this does reflect badly on Android as a whole – to the general consumer… At dinner with the family last night the Note 7 drama was on the news, and Dad was concerned because he thought I had “a Samsung” (even though I have had my current phone for a year – and it is not a Samsung). Meanwhile my brother is all excited about the “Google phone” and wants one, because “it integrates all the Google services the way iPhone does for Apple”. If that’s any indication, it may well do well with the less educated masses –… Read more »


    Just spoke with Samsung via the 1300 number and they are offering a $350.00 credit card for people who replace with a s7 or s7 edge – they lady sounded 100% on that point but a bit vague around if that would be passed on to people who got the Note7 through carriers – I’m hoping so for all the time wasted on this.

    Dean Rosolen

    Honestly, this was the only course of action left for Samsung.


    Looks like I have to get a Pixel XL now.

    Yianni soc

    Note 5! Half the price, still great specs.


    1 less year of updates.

    Yianni soc

    True, there’s always a downside.

    Mark McLeod

    Hope you love picking up your phone if you have to use it!! Keen to see if it has knock code before i jump to that avenue myself, cant find any info on that feature.


    Doesn’t have double tap to wake – that feature was removed at the last minute, so it might come back at a later date.

    Mark McLeod

    Noooo. Deal breaker after having an iPhone with a nice big button to fire it up. What a pain in the ringer, Samsung you muppets!


    Whats preventing you from getting the S7 Edge? Its a Note 7 without the S-Pen or retina scanner and has a slightly larger battery

    Mark McLeod

    That’s an option. The note just looks hawt and isn’t the same thing everyone else has. I’ll check the Moto v20 as well once it’s around. Did love my Nexus 5 so the pixel could win me over still


    Good move.


    I’m upset I love my note4 , but it’s old now battery is starting to fail. I was looking forward to the note7.


    Buy another genuine battery on Ebay, they’re cheap.

    Peter Kokodakis

    buying a genuine battery one Ebay is almost impossible due to a huuuuge amount of fakes!!! It’s impossible to distinguish a genuine battery by just looking the info on ebay page. I’ve had numerous fake batteries sent for my Note 3. Had to then lodge a complaint with Paypal. Got my money back, but this takes time.
    The best thing is to buy a spare Note 4 battery from Samsung store.

    Jesus Machine

    I kinda want one now. I like the adrenaline you’d get from using one.


    Extreme 😉


    Just looked at their shares, feel bad for samsung

    Dennis Bareis

    They did it to themselves.


    What about their shares? It is right now still higher than it was in July, just before the Note 7 was announced.

    Yianni soc

    Yeah i was looking at this today. So far it’s still not too bad.


    Probably the best thing to do here imo.

    The original phone had an issue with fire, then the replacement ‘safe’ units also seemed to catch on fire….it’s just too much bad publicity and cost to do another recall and another iteration of the device.

    Samsung will lose out on a crap load of money for this (no doubt billions) but I think this is the right decision. If these phones ended up killing someone…..I think that stain would be very, very, very hard to wash off.


    That would be almost impossible to recover from.

    Dennis Bareis

    If they get the next one wrong they could go under (at least for phones)

    Eric Phung