It seems Kirt McMasters plans to “put a bullet through Google’s head” have been as successful as his time as CEO of Cyanogen Inc. Following recent rumours that the struggling Android ROM maker – which was born out of the still well respected Cyanogen Mod community – would be pivoting towards apps rather than a full stack OS solution the company today announced that they would be cleaving their OS into pieces that Smartphone OEMs could pick and choose from to use in their own device ROMs The company also announced that Kirt McMaster would be replaced as CEO by a hopefully more moderate Lior Tal.

The new program will see Cyanogen Inc offer up components of their full stack OS solution as individual modules. This may actually be a better idea for both Cyanogen and for some OEMs. Many elements of the Cyanogen OS were as good if not better for power users compared to stock Android. For OEM’s they could access well built, and assumable maintained – if the company survives- OS elements that would enhance or replace parts of their own ROMs, win-win.

It seems that device OEMs didn’t want to hand over full control of their software experience, however being able to purchase system modules or applications may just bring in the revenue stream Cyanogen’s investors are undoubtedly pushing for.

Cyanogen is also hoping developers will consider implementing their Artificial Intelligence cloud service, to be honest, I just don’t see a scrappy start-up like Cyanogen being able to offer anywhere near the AI prowess of any of the major players.

Without the inflammatory McMaster at the helm, hopefully, Cyanogen can focus on shaking up the Android ecosystem for the better and perhaps improving Android for all consumers as a result.

What do you make of Cyanogen’s latest news? Let us know below.

Source: Cyanogen.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Perhaps Cyanogen can now be judged on what it produces rather than immediately having its offerings diminished or dismissed through association with McMasters and his hubris.

    I understand that Cyanogen Inc and its paid developers have a role in maintaining and developing the largely volunteer/community led CyanogenMod. If Cyanogen Inc are intent or re-focusing their activity on apps rather than systems then I wonder if this might lead to them pulling out of their involvement with CyanogenMod? I’m a big fan of CyanogenMod and would be disappointed if things were to get tougher for the community.

    Yianni soc

    not a bad idea. i’d pay for features/replacement apps that i could sideload onto my Galaxy S7… I just don’t think it’d be that easy for a consumer. you’d have to build it with the original skin/software. when realistically, most OEMs would just build it themselves instead of buying from Cyanogen.