Facebook has announced that its Facebook at Work service has now become Workplace by Facebook, and is now open to any company or workplace.

There are also to some changes and addition to the Workplace by Facebook service which include:

  • Companies who will use Workplace by Facebook can benefit from a dashboard with analytics and integrations with single sign-on, in addition to identity providers that allow companies to more easily integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems.
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  • Basic infrastructure such as News Feed, or the ability to create and share in Groups or via chat, or useful features such as Live, Reactions, Search and Trending posts from within the program. This means you can chat with a colleague across the world in real time, host a virtual brainstorm in a Group, or follow along with your CEO’s presentation on Facebook Live.
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  • The ability to keep in contact much easier with other offices across town or around the world.
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  • Multi-Company Groups allow employees from different organisations to work together, to extend collaboration beyond your company in a safe and secure way. This feature is expected to begin rolling out of the coming weeks.
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  • There is also the Workplace Partner Program which is all part of the newest services offered by Workplace by Facebook to company users.

Facebook has said that large multinational companies like Danone, Starbucks and, international nonprofits such as Oxfam, and regional leaders such as YES Bank in India and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore have all embraced Workplace by Facebook within their workplace and site offices around the globe.

Workplace by Facebook will be priced competitively with companies only paying for people who are actively using the product. You can see details of pricing for Workplace by Facebook through this link right here.

Source: Facebook Newsroom.