+ Friday December 13th, 2019


Would you like some Pixel goodness now? No, we’re not giving away a phone, but you can download the default wallpaper that features on the new Pixel devices in promo materials to at least temper your urges until you can actually play with one.

The image is in addition to the 15 wallpapers from the Pixel phones which leaked back in August. The image has been extracted from the system images from the Pixel and Pixel XL that leaked out the other day.


The imgur upload has been online for less than a day and had a steady flow of hits by the hour since it was put online, if it were instagram the user would be claimining insta-fame from this one. Google do a lot of things really well, gorgeous imagery for your devices backgrounds is just one of them.

If you’re one of the low percentage who’ve ordered, will you be putting this background on your current daily driver?

Source: Imgur.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.

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Phil Tann

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