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It’s been a few weeks since a new Android Pay partner came on board, but today Goldfields Money has added Android Pay support for their customers.

Goldfields Money is the newest addition to Android Pay, appearing this week on the list of supported Android Pay partners. From today Goldfields Money customers can add their Goldfields Money Visa Debit Card to Android Pay, then it’s as simple as tapping and paying.


Goldfields Money has added an Android Pay micro-site to their page, listing all the need to know stuff for customers new to digital wallets and Android Pay.

With the addition of Goldfields Money, Google now has 42 financial institutions listed as partners offering Android Pay to their customers. At this stage, Android Pay is the most widely offered service with Apple Pay only available on ANZ and AMEX, while Samsung Pay has partnered with AMEX as well as Citibank for their Australian launch.

If you’re a Goldfields Money customer you can now add your Visa Debit card details to Android Pay and get tapping.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Goldfields Money.
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    Phillip Molly Malone

    Now, if they would just use some of that magical machine learning to understand I keep opening my Android Pay app to the Woolworths loyalty card at the same location each time and say “What if we just present it as an option next time he’s here” that would be great! 😉

    (Yes, have sent this as feedback in the app)