Tuesday , May 22 2018

Google talks about improvements to Photos now with animations from video, suggested rotations and more

Google Photos has to be one of our more loved Google features, with unlimited free (albeit compressed) online storage, and those auto-awesome moments that Google creates and shares with you. Those delightful auto-awesomes are getting more common with Google talking about some recently added ones.

Google will now start matching up photos you take now with older memories you’ve compiled across the years. As well, Google Photos will compare your recent photos and suggest an album of the most recent shots, something like if you enjoy taking photos of your kids, you can expect to see a recent compilation of shots of your kid over the last month.

Auto-awesomes from videos will now show up in the form of short GIFs created from snippets of video you upload. Google Photos will generate them from moments of activity in the video which should, in theory get the right moment, like when someone jumps or does something exciting in a short – or longer clip.


Google has finally admitted to the Auto-Rotate suggestions that we talked about late last month. If you take a pic which would look better rotated around, Google will automatically suggest this to you in the Google Assistant.


We’ve yet to see some of these new features here at Ausdroid, but we love Google Photos so can’t wait to see what else Google can come up with. The features are apparently live, so there’s no updates you need to do to get them on the web or on your devices.

Google Photos
Google Photos
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Source: Google Blog.

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5 Comments on "Google talks about improvements to Photos now with animations from video, suggested rotations and more"

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Valued Guest

This photo rotation feature was much needed for a long time. Sometimes photos sync with the wrong rotation (mostly landscape ones as portrait) even on a phone that is specifically designed to work with Photos such as HTC 10. I couldn’t believe that was the case but it was. Thank you Google for allowing to fix this 🙂

Valued Guest

Just had a bunch of recommendations come through on both android phone and iPad. Googles recommendations were about 80% correct but it’s super quick to fix the mistakes and save

Kevin Cane
Valued Guest
Kevin Cane

Except it decided to rotate about 8 out of 20 landscape shots (all of the same subject) to portrait…

Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

Google Photos. Just so amazing. Seriously one of the best Google products there is.

Ausdroid Reader

I used to get a whole heap of auto awesome’s but it’s been pretty quiet lately. Maybe I need to go on another holiday and get snap happy.

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