Contrary to rumour, Kodak is still alive and doing photo stuff, although more in the digital space these days they’re still printing high quality photos. Their latest update to the Kodak Moments app adds a few new features to share your precious memories.

The app, which lets you print your photos from a service which will send them to you, or from a Kodak kiosk in a store has been around for a while, but they’ve added some nice new features recently. While you can still get your photos printed, now you can choose to have those memories printed on a heap of different things including mugs, photo books, acrylic prints and even Canvas prints, all of which will be delivered to your door, or you can choose to pickup from a store near you.

It’s an option that many photo printing services such as SnapFish and even retailers like BigW, Harvey Norman etc. offer, but Kodak are also offering to let you store photos in the service which you can share with friends and family in an ad-free way. The app also has storytelling features to create memorable Moments for sharing.

Whether we need another way to share photos and images is really up to you, with so many services available from Facebook, to Instagram and Google Photos there’s so many. If this is the one for you, you can try it out now for free on Google Play – or in the Apple app store.

Developer: Kodak Alaris Inc.
Price: Free