As exclusive carrier partner in Australia for the launch of the Google Pixel, Telstra has the keys to the castle as it were, but looks like an escapee has erupted, with Telstra delivering a Google Pixel to a customer before the October 20th launch date.

User Wooparse has posted a pic of the phone and is gleefully answering questions about the phone over on the /r/Android subreddit. He’s posted pics of the phone, a ‘Very Silver’ ‘Quite Black’ according to the comments model as proof:

As well as answering questions about the phone, the settings and more, he’s posted a sample pic from the phone of his dog which he says was moving his head at the time. Of his room pic, it’s a low-light pic, saying ‘room is much darker than the photo would have you believe’, so low-light performance looks to be good.

He’s also uploaded a 4K video sample to YouTube which Google probably won’t remove this time

He lists the internal storage on the 32GB model as having 29.7GB of available space. He also goes on to say that there are no Telstra apps on the phone and he had an option to download Allo and Duo when he first switched on the phone.

If you have questions about the Pixel, he’s still answering questions over on reddit, so head over and check it out.

Source: reddit.
Thanks: Rob.
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    Nizar Noor

    Can’t wait for mine!


    The video stabilisation and focus speed is INSANE.


    The video quality was pretty damn awesome, but really; portrait?? Really?? 😛


    Damn, if only it was delivered early to me…. 🙁

    Shakeel Ali

    Is there any news on whether or not the rumored Swipe gestures are included on the pixel? I cant remember if i’ve seen it in a hands on video or a rumor post.


    Maybe ask on the subreddit…..


    According to the reddit post, it was disabled by default. He had to go into settings to enable it and it works with swiping down for notification and settings.