Virtual Reality is the next big thing if you believe all the buzz going around. But there’s little out there that’s affordable, especially when it comes to creating content. This is where Sprayscape comes in, it’s an Android app that creates VR content with just your Android device.

Sprayscape is an Android Experiment. Android Experiments were introduced as a celebration of creativity and code in August last year, Google made good use of them in the wait for their I/O Keynote to begin last year and they’ve been good about promoting them ever since, and Sprayscape certainly fits the bill of creativity and code.

Basically, Sprayscape lets you easily capture images on a 360-degree canvas that you can share anywhere. The app uses your phone’s gyroscope to throw the images onto a canvas when you tap the screen. You can also long press on the screen to create a 360-degree surround image – or if you can see from the sample video, a mess of what looks to be an LSD induced nightmare sometimes.

While you can view the images on your phone, you can also view it in Google Cardboard to really complete the experience. It’s simple, dirty and it works.

If this looks like fun, you can Download Sprayscape on Google Play or, if you’re wanting to look at the code that makes it tick then you can because it’s open-source and is free to view on GitHub.

Developer: Google Creative Lab
Price: Free
Source: Google Blog.