If you’re buying a Google Pixel next week, or if you’ve already bought one and are waiting for it to arrive, you might be thinking you could use some accessories. The Pixel and Pixel XL, like any other phone, love to be in a case, and being USB-C devices, you may not have enough cables and adaptors sitting around.

Regardless of your situation, the Ausdroid Shop is starting to fill its shelves with accessories for your Pixel and Pixel XL, which you can view at the following category pages:

In the coming days and week or two, more accessories will be added including more case options, screen protectors and more. Of course, with the phones not being available for sale just yet, the options are limited, but as we saw last year with the Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P launch, there will be many accessories coming onto the market soon, and you know where to buy them.

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Nizar Noor

Screen protectors please? Thanks!


When are y’all getting in the Orzly clear gel cases? Pretty keen. No screen protectors?


They’ll be coming pretty soon is my guess. I will speak to the G4G guys and confirm.